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Welcome to Crestmont

Academic Discipleship for a Higher Calling


Crestmont Christian Preparatory School is a non-denominational, K-12 school that partners with families to provide a high quality education in which students develop a passion for learning and a desire to become servant leaders and warriors for Christ.


Through the neo-classical approach, students are challenged academically, and the University-Model® School cultivates time management and independent study skills affirming the parents’ role, supported by the professionals at school, as the primary influence in their child’s life.

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Kingdom Warriors

Image Bearers

Why Choose Crestmont Christian Preparatory School?

A University-Model® school is a blend of the most positive aspects of traditional public, private, and home schooling approaches that offer elementary through high school students a rewarding college preparatory education set in a Christian environment. Crestmont Christian Prep offers a cost effective, Christian education for parents who are looking to provide a quality education while spending more time together as a family. 


Neo-Classical Education

Christ-centered instruction integrating Biblical truth throughout each subject.


Cost-Effective Tuition

Provides a private school education through a more affordable option.


Equips students through the University Model® with the skills, tools, and disciplines for a successful academic career.


Crestmont Logo for Website.png
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