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Welcome to Crestmont

Academic Discipleship for a Higher Calling


Crestmont Christian Preparatory School is a non-denominational, K-12 school that partners with families to provide a high quality education in which students develop a passion for learning and a desire to become servant leaders and warriors for Christ.


Through the neo-classical approach, students are challenged academically, and the University-Model® School cultivates time management and independent study skills affirming the parents’ role, supported by the professionals at school, as the primary influence in their child’s life.

Why Choose Crestmont Christian Preparatory School?

Crestmont Prep provides professional administration and trained faculty responsible for curriculum and instruction but partner with parents or family members to deliver instruction. Crestmont offers specific grade levels, consistent accountability from semester to semester, collaborative planning, and a full spectrum of courses with prerequisites and diploma plans.


Neo-Classical Education

Christ-centered instruction integrating Biblical truth throughout each subject.


Cost-Effective Tuition

Provides a private school education through a more affordable option.



Equips students through the University Model® with the skills, tools, and disciplines for a successful academic career.


Shelly Billingsley

"The staff is top-notch, the curriculum is challenging, and the families here have become true friends."

Jennifer Schoenfeld

"We have made life long friends with the families at Crestmont. This school has been so very important for our children to learn more of Who God is and what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Christ outside of our church."

Shantel Leininger

"My girls have loved Summit. The teachers and staff are incredible!!! Our family has been truly blessed!! Crestmont is an extension of our family."

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