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Welcome to Crestmont Prep

Welcome to Crestmont

Academic Discipleship for a Higher Calling


Crestmont Christian Preparatory School is a non-denominational, K-12 school that partners with families to provide a high quality education in which students develop a passion for learning and a desire to become servant leaders and warriors for Christ.


Through a Christian education with classical influences, students are challenged academically, and the University-Model® School cultivates time management and independent study skills affirming the parents’ role, supported by the professionals at school, as the primary influence in their child’s life.

The Absolute Best High Schools in Boerne - 2024

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Why Choose Crestmont Christian Preparatory School?

A University-Model® school is a blend of the most positive aspects of traditional public, private, and home schooling approaches that offer elementary through high school students a rewarding college preparatory education set in a Christian environment. Crestmont Christian Prep offers a cost effective, Christian education for parents who are looking to provide a quality education while spending more time together as a family. 


Christian education with classical influences

Christ-centered instruction integrating Biblical truth throughout each subject.


Cost-Effective Tuition

Provides a private school education through a more affordable option.


Equips students through the University Model® with the skills, tools, and disciplines for a successful academic career.



Jeff & Allison Morris

"Looking back on our first year, we are extremely grateful for the teachers, staff, and families who poured into our children. Both kids have grown spiritually, academically and socially. The University Model has blessed our family in many ways - most notably, by increasing our time together and allowing us to be more intentional and focused with our kids"


Kyle & Lindsey Johnson

"This model allows us to tailor learning to the needs of our children. What a blessing"


Blake & Marsha Bell

"Crestmont is a wonderful picture of what doing life together should look like"


Kingdom Warriors

Image Bearers

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