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What is it?

Crestmont Christian Preparatory school is committed to providing a high quality
education in which students develop a passion for learning and a desire to become
servant leaders and warriors for Christ. The Crestmont Warrior Annual Fund will
be utilized to benefit both students and teachers to accomplish current and future
enhancements within the Crestmont Community. Areas where these funds will be
focused include, but are not limited to, security, teacher support, & scholarship.

Why do we need an Annual Fund?

As a privately funded school, we strive to cover our daily operations with tuition
and fees. Adopting an annual fund and focused fundraiser will limit the number of
parent requests throughout the year and cultivate a collective partnership
towards a primary donor platform. Together we can lay a foundation to meet
current needs and equip our faculty with resources for future growth and
opportunity for our students. This fund is not just about bridging a gap, but
ensuring students an extraordinary educational experience for years to come.


Do I need to participate?

We are hopeful every family chooses to participate in contributing to the
Crestmont Warrior Fund. You are our greatest advocates! Share with your
family and within the community the impact Crestmont has and will continue to have
on generations to come. Join us in the philanthropic journey to continue the
success of Crestmont. No donation is too small. Every generous tax-deductible gift will be far reaching for our students. Your generosity equips and empowers our students to launch into the world with the power to be truth seekers, image bearers, and kingdom warriors for the joy of the Lord.

How can I give?

You can support Crestmont with a monetary donation in one payment or with
recurring monthly payments. If you’d like to donate in other ways, such as
appreciated stocks, land donation, or in-kind gifts, please contact the Crestmont
School Board at .


Warrior’s Circle

As we begin the groundwork to build our Crestmont Warrior Fund we have a
unique opportunity for generous donors to enter into our Warrior’s Circle. We
are seeking families or corporate sponsors to lay the foundation and sponsor our
Warrior Fund with a gift of $5,000 or more. Our Circle of Warrior donors will
be leading the way in establishing the annual fund while providing a strong foundation
for years to come. Each business that joins our Circle will be listed on our
Crestmont website with a link to their company’s business.

Warrior Circle

Legacy Warrior $20,000 +
Heritage Warrior $10,000 +
Fellow Warrior $5,000 +


Order of Chivalry

Silver Warrior $2500 +
Navy Warrior $500 +
White Warrior $1 +

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