Crestmont uses CuStumm Designs and Tees here locally in Boerne, Texas to create Crestmont Spirit Wear. Each individual item is made to order and orders are bulked together to process. All orders will be shipped to the school and then distributed to the families.

We will be taking orders from 9/9/2021 through 9/17/2021. The hope is to receive these items by the end of the month and distribute them after we return from Fall Break. Please keep in mind, that like many other consumer items, inventories are low and wait time for item availability can be longer than we hope or expect. If you would like to order any spirit wear for the fall semester, now is the time to order. We will take another order at the beginning of the Spring semester in January 2022.

Use the link to the right to order your Crestmont Spirit Wear today. If you have any questions about Spirit Wear, please contact Natalie Ippolito at

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