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At Crestmont Christian Preparatory School, our primary academic goal is to instill confidence in the reliability and accuracy of Scripture through a neo-classical, Christ-centered education integrating Biblical truth throughout each subject. We develop students’ capacity to communicate verbally and in written form with ordered thoughts in a clear and persuasive manner.


Beginning in the early grades, students are prepared for success with a strong foundation of phonics and writing instruction. By reading and evaluating world-class literature, students are made aware of their literary and intellectual heritage as they are introduced to remarkable artists, masterpieces, mediums, and themes of Western civilization.


Studying history in light of the sovereignty of God, students will also critically examine how different world views have affected the actions and directions of cultural and national development. By training the eyes and hearts of the students to see the hand of God working throughout human history, they are equipped to examine and evaluate the present, applying the lessons learned through historical events.


Crestmont Prep students develop an appreciation for the beauty and order of God’s creation through the study of science and math. Students gain confidence in their own relationship with our amazing Creator God, by studying how God reveals Himself in all He has created and by seeing His hand in the diversity, ingenuity, and complexity of our world.


In science classes, students will develop reasoning skills as they apply the scientific method through hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Additionally, students will be trained in logic, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills in the study of math.


Electives are an important part of the education offered at Crestmont Prep, allowing students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents and interests. We provide opportunities to foster creative expression, a vital part of a top-notch education.


Through pursuit of excellence in all areas of academics, students are better equipped to know and effectively proclaim the truth of God to a world in need of light.

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